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Ignite Your Creative Self

  • 4/46 Acacia St Byron Bay Australia (map)

Yoga, Meditation and Art workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to create an environment where you can open yourself to yourself. To connect with the playful inner child whose creativity abounds. For many of us, the process of growing up and leading adult lives cuts us off from this vital energy of creativity and all the forms that it comes in from music to writing, painting or gardening. But creativity also doesn’t need to take a specific form – anything that you envision, anything that you add your personal touch to, this too is creativity. In this workshop, we will help you ignite your creative self.

The workshop will include yin yoga, a guided meditation and an art class. It doesn’t matter whether “you can’t draw” or “you’re not good at art” or you’ve completely blocked yourself off to making art. We’re going to help you take down the barriers you’ve built around your creative self and help you tap into your creative energy center. Through yoga and meditation we’ll foster your ability to let your creative energy flow and guide you through a process to transfer what you feel and see in your body directly to the paper. We hope you will discover a new way to create – one that does not need logic or intellect. Let yourself be surprised as a new part of yourself blossoms.



4.00-4.15 : Introduction and welcome meditation
4.15 -5.15 : Yin Yoga + guided meditation
5.15 - 5:30 : Art introduction
5.30 - 7:00 : Art workshop

The cost is of $45 per person. Tickets are available through EventBrite.

Please bring a blanket and yoga mat if you have one. Please let us know if you don’t have a mat and we can provide one for you.