I'm available to teach workshops at studios and events worldwide. For workshop descriptions, please see below. For more information or more workshop options, please contact me.  

Chaturanga Like A Boss 

Learning to stabilize the shoulder joint is essential to sustaining your vinyasa practice and all those chaturangas. This workshop will give you an understanding of the functional anatomy of the shoulder joint and how to apply this knowledge to the sun salute poses where we weight-bear on our hands. We’ll look at how to adjust common misalignments in the poses through partner work and observing other bodies. Build strength and a solid foundation in your shoulders to prevent injury and revolutionise your practice.


Love Your Backbends

Backbends have the potential to be therapeutic and invigorating when done with proper alignment.  In this workshop we’ll look at the anatomy of backbends and break down three crucial components to help you develop a back-bending practice to free up your spine. We’ll then put that information to use by experiencing it in a short flow class so that you can experience the joy of backbends or deepen your existing back-bending practice. Open to all levels with some vinyasa experience.


Holy Balls  (aka Myofascial Release) 

Once you learn this simple and easy technique that you can apply on your own, you’ll be revering tennis balls too. Self-myofascial release can help relieve chronic pain, release areas of tension, restore range of motion, and shorten your recovery time. Learn about the anatomy of fascia and what makes for healthy connective tissue. Then experience it for yourself in a deeply therapeutic full-body practice that will leave you feeling blissed out. No yoga experience needed.   


Crow & Friends

Arm balances are a playful part of the practice that challenge the whole body. Finding the sweet spot is part physics, part courage. Come learn tips and tricks to power up your core and boost your confidence to help you get off your feet. This class will build your arm strength, open your hips, and connect you to your center. Come ready to play and have fun. 


Stress Elixir

We generally label all stress as bad, but it's really our response to stress that can be damaging. Many of us are stuck in a chronic stress pattern that is taking its toll on our health. This workshop will take a deeper look at the science behind chronic stress and its impact on our nervous system and internal organs. Drawing on Chinese Medicine, you’ll experience how breath work, meditation and yin can teach our brains to re-wire our response to stress and re-learn the relaxation habit. Come build a tool kit to nourish your adrenals, support your emotional well-being, and add years onto your life.  No yoga experience needed.


Explore. Embrace. Expand.

Our yoga practice is the perfect place to explore the body and mind in order to spark transformation. In this signature flow class to music, experience creative and anatomically intelligent sequencing to send you on a journey of self-discovery. By embracing all that you find, you’ll unlock your ability to expand and find your limitless Self, both on and off the mat.  Open to all levels with some vinyasa experience.